Big Game Hunting – Combination Hunts

combinationMoose Hunting
Bear Hunting

We also offer combination Hunts for hunters that wish to have something a little extra. You can combine a Moose hunt and a Bear hunt, for the best of both worlds. If you happen to get your moose early, you can still enjoy the rest of your week hunting for a nice black bear. Our combination hunts run from the second Saturday in September to the second Saturday in November.

We have two camps available in the Anguille Mountains, one located at Low Brook and the other located at Brooms Brook. Our camps use generators to power lights, and provide hot water for showers. Our experienced cooks prepare traditional Newfoundland home cooked meals for the trip.

Combination Hunt Includes

  • Maximum eight hunters, with a ratio of two hunters per guide (can change based on success of the other hunts)
  • All meat and dressing of animals is handled by guides
  • Licenses
  • ATV’s
  • Accommodations during hunt

Reservations should be made in advance to ensure date and time of trip. 35% of payment is required at time of booking and the remainder at time of arrival. Call us now at (709)955-2804 or click here to book for our 2010 season, you won’t be disappointed.